2088 is the Postcode of the Sydney suburb of Mosman

By the shores of Sydney Harbour
By the deep-sea-shining-water
Lies the land of Too-O-AteAte
Once the home to pine and gum,
Now to ersatz Tuscan town-house
And the box of glass and steel.
Gone the lean and dreaming Dharug
Dharawal and Kuringgai,
With their legends and traditions
Gone to lodges in the sky.
Now the Elders of the Council
Send their brownshirt Rangers ranging,
Seeking, seeking, tracking, stalking
Smokers, parkers, pedophiles,
In the land where Burger’s King.
Once the sound of wood birds calling
Now the urban hum of engines,
Now the growl of four wheel drives.
See them at the Crystal Car Wash
Where the bridge points east and west.
There, the wives with yellow tresses,
Warpaint damp on botoxed lips
i-phones clamped to dainty ears,
Moving Spandex covered hips
Seeking weight loss, seeking thinness
To celebrate the Christmas break.
Sun sets on federation semis,
Husbands home from desk and mall,
Hunter Valley Chardo’s tippled
As ABC presents the News.
In the hushed retirement villages
Lonely and abandoned Elders
Microwave remaindered off-cuts,
As they clutch TV remotes.
Should you ask me, whence the car-wash?
Whence the leg wax and the lattes,
Whence the soy milk double de-cafs,
Whence the muffins, gluten free.
I should shake my head in sorrow
At the endless meals of Thai,
At the worship of all things Tuscan
At the long departed Kuringgai.


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