The most famous Knight of Verona was Can Francesco della Scala, popularly known as ‘Cangrande’ (top-dog), medieval warrior, ruler of 14th Century Verona, leader of the Ghibellini faction in its endless struggle against the Guelphs and patron of Dante, Petrarch and Giotto.

This blog is dedicated to another Knight, Jesse Lynn, born in that most wonderful of cities and published for him and others who may be interested in the peregrinations and ramblings of his father who presents family stories, tales (true and false) and poems of his own and of others.

The author of this blog, John Lynn, is an Australian senior citizen of English descent, increasingly irritable and known to his wife Honeybee as Eeyore. In his occasional bouts of euphoria he paints, writes and dwells upon the changes and chances of this fleeting world.

The writer’s opinions are his own, apt to change according to his mood and designed to harm no person.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi John
    I stumbled over your blog when looking for the newspaper photograph of Mon Clothier. I am the editor of a family history group newsletter, The Black Sheep, based in Bairnsdale, where Mon was born. I am running a series on “Women of Substance of East Gippsland” articles after stumbling over Mon’s obituary in a pile of newspaper clippings. From what was in the obituary and what is in your blog I am presuming you are, perhaps, the author of the eloquent obituary. If that is the case, I would like to be able to credit it to you. Could you let me know?

  2. Grande John!
    Devo ammettere che quasi mai capisco tutto e “google translate” mi aiuta spesso, ma è sempre un vero piacere leggerti. La tua honeybee è proprio fortunata.

    Un abbraccio

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